Elena Sandera


From a complete beginner to the Olympics in just under four years, that’s my personal goal.

In January 2021 I decided to put my medical studies on hold and start training in the new Olympic Windsurf Class the iQ Foil Class. With no racing or much windsurf experience but an open mindset and a huge ambition I packed my bags and moved to Tenerife for three months to learn how to windsurf along professionals.

With my background as a medical student, I chose a scientific approach to this goal focusing on nutrition, training hours, sleep and other factors. I also created a female windsurf training group that consists of international athletes which have all helped me gain different perspectives and furthered my progress on the water. In my first windsurf year I became Swiss Vice Champion and in 2023 I managed to come third in the international iQ Foil Games at Lake Garda.

My coach Henry Bloodworth, a former professional windsurfer but also a renowned Youth Windsurf Coach in England, has helped me build strong foundations and improved my racing experience immensely.

It’s been three years of traveling from competition to competition, gaining racing knowledge and improving my windsurf skills. It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs trying to make up decades of experience in just a few years. It hasn’t been easy and won’t be for a long time but I love a challenge and won’t back down now!

This year I will attend the Olympic Qualification in Hyères, France where I want to qualify Switzerland for the Olympic Games. I won’t stop there however, I have my sights set on LA 2028 as well.

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