Isaac Kenyon

Ultra Endurance

“Isaac is a world-record-breaking eco-adventurer, filmmaker, keynote speaker and professional geoscientist. Isaac enjoys making a positive impact on the planet in his career and advocates sustainable innovation and nature-based climate solutions.

Isaac is also a trustee of the mental health charity Mind and strives to create a platform which encourages reconnecting with nature. Isaac likes to bridge the gap by communicating the importance of getting out in the great outdoors as a natural prescription for improved mental and physical wellbeing.

As a published researcher in geoscience holding a Master of Science in Geoscience Isaac is an expert science communicator and is able to share climate solutions and the benefits of the great outdoors through an exciting lens, blended with adventure. Isaac pursues extraordinarily difficult environments for the purpose to share climate solutions with the public in a unique way through his co-founded community interest company Climate Explorers where Isaac is the CEO.”

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