Jon Truett


A 23 year career in the British Army with 20 years of service with 22 SAS.

An industrial roofer immediately following an unsettled and mixed experience throughout school saw Jon keen to any other opportunities.

Enlisting into the Parachute Regiment in 1998, really for want of something better to do, he went onto complete 23 years serving in the most elite units of the British Army. This service comprised of a continuous and unbroken commitment to complex Special Forces military operations.

He spent 3 years in ‘3 Para’ before making an application to do the infamous ‘selection’ process to join 22 SAS Regiment of United Kingdom Special Forces. Attending the Summer 2002 course he passed first time then to went on to spend 20 years within UKSF.

These years have spanned an unprecedented period of conflict and change defined by the September 9/11 attacks, complex and evolving threats associated to globalisation and events such as the ‘Arab Spring’. His service has encompassed the full range of special forces missions many times over.

To have been a soldier throughout this period has been a privilege and a challenge to Jon. To continue to deliver during these complex and intense operations tested him as an individual, shaping his character for the rest of his life. Alongside courageous colleagues, witness to human tragedy, trauma, survival and those people’s everyday fortitude has humbled and taught Jon so much.

A wealth of observations and memories brings with them contemplation and many moments of (dark) humour.

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