Kate Strong


Kate Strong is a climate adventurer, 3x world record breaker cyclist, age-group World Champion triathlete and ex aerospace engineer.

Coming to sport in her mid-thirties after leaving a toxic relationship, Kate wasted no time and was crowned age-group Australian National Champion and subsequently World Champion in triathlon within 18 months of taking up the sport.

Having to stop competitive sport due to an injury, she started exploring how to use sport as a vehicle for positive change, attempting to set a new world record on a static cycle – a male record existed, but no female equivalent.
After a first failed attempt, she set a world’s first female record for furthest distance on a static bike in 24 hours, and also broke the 1- and 12-hour records simultaneously.

Kate’s sporting career has evolved towards advocacy and engaging communities.

In 2023, she completed Climate Cycle, a 3,300 mile bike ride around mainland Britain on a hand-made bamboo bike. During these three months, she visited 50 communities, charities, companies, initiatives and projects that are working towards mitigating climate change.

These projects varied from nature-based solutions to innovative technologies removing microplastics from our waterways. She also worked in collaboration with two universities, one monitoring the air quality as she cycled around Britain and the other to explore the change behaviour required in individuals to tackle climate change.

Kate is co-founder of a green tech company as well as founder of a School Sustainability course, equipping future generations with the new and necessary skills required to reach our sustainability targets.

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