Oliver Pritchard


Oliver Pritchard is a part of British Triathlon’s Age-Group team, who started competing in triathlon at University. Originally from Halsmere, Surrey, Oliver wears a cochlear implant day-to-day, yet races without it, not being able to hear a thing!

Racing in the British Triathlon’s Age-Group team means that Oliver can compete and qualify for major championships outside of the Elite athletes across all aspects of triathlon.

“The Age-Group team has been wonderful. Every time I mention about my deafness people are interested in my story and are keen on helping me out, even the team managers go the extra mile to try and make me feel included. The number of incredible people, both from the UK and abroad, that I have met during my two European races is incredible”.

Madrid marked a second European race for Pritchard, who currently trains in Eastbourne, East Sussex, after he took home a bronze medal from the 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Olsztyn.

Pritchard’s focus is now on competing this year in the European Deaf Athletics Championships in the 5000m and he hopes that in the near future he’ll be competing in a similar event for Triathlon.

He said: “I have a few local triathlon races during this season however I have some interesting and exciting news on the ‘deaf’ competition side of things.

“This year I will be going to Poland to compete in the European DEAF Athletics Championships, and I will be doing the 5000m. Then hopefully next year will be the first year the deaf federation will host a triathlon event and I plan to win a gold in that, I believe there is also a cycling race next year which I would like to take part in.

“In 2025 there will be a Deaflympics (Deaf Olympics) happening in Tokyo so all my focus will be going towards that and hopefully bring back a gold in whatever event I am doing.”

2023 saw Oli at the forefront of change for deaf athletes and people. Participating in the See Hear Debate and setting up his own organisation, the Silent Speedsters, where he aims to make positive changes for the livelihoods of deaf people, encouraging more children to get into sport.

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