Sam Sills

iQFoil Windsurfer

British Sailing team member, Sam Sills, is a new breed of athlete.

One who wants to protect the planet AND reach the very top of the high-octane sport he competes in. Sam has a passion for sustainability, a love of nature & Olympic iQFoil windsurfing ambitions for Paris 2024. He is currently number 5 in the world in the new Olympic discipline of iQFoil and came 7th at the ‘unofficial’ 2020 World Championships in Lake Garda.

Sam’s most exciting contribution to reducing windsurfing’s carbon footprint is through his career as a naval architect which he undertakes alongside competitive windsurfing. Recently, he has been working on electric boats in Norway with ZEM energy. The boats are without engines, emissions-free, and are almost entirely powered by renewable resources. He has also been working with Kona Sports in Sweden, where they have managed to 3D-print prototypes using a special by-product tree resin, recycled from the wood industry. As a result, prototype boards used in creating the final design, were completely recyclable and created zero waste.

Sam is on a mission to raise awareness surrounding sustainability in sport and getting people to fall in love with nature.

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