Sarah Hill


I am a professional cyclist for South Africa in multiple disciplines and have just been selected for the 2023 World Cycling Championships in Glasgow, UK.

I am also a UCI and PMBIA certified performance consultant that provides training programs, indepth analysis, feedback, MindShift performance sessions and MTB skills lessons.

I have my BSc (hons) Exercise Science with a focus on lab testing, coaching, advanced sports nutrition and physiology, as well my BA (hons) in Psychology with a focus on sports psychology. I am currently studying my Masters in Sport & Performance Psychology part time with a goal to reach my Phd just so I can stand on a world cup podium with the announcer calling me up as Dr. Sarah Hill. I co-own a Coaching Company called The Threshold Coaching, where we work one-on-one with athletes from around the world to build their fitness through training programs, in-depth analysis, and individual feedback days. I offer mountain bike skills lessons and MindShift performance sessions to dive deeper into sport and performance psychology to help attain that 10% more required to perform at one’s best.

I have a true passion for sport, specifically cycling. I have worked with countless men and women in their journey from discovering the sport to actively being involved in the growth of the industry. In my line of work, I emphasise the mental health & wellbeing that is a result of participating in sport – and love the benefits myself!

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