Sedem Ama


Sedem Ama is a two-times national amateur boxing champion based out of the world famous Repton Boxing Club, east London. She has recently committed to her Pro Career managed by Dillian Whyte and is eager to see what the future holds.

Life growing up in Peckham was considered tough, particularly in the early 2000’s. But for highly touted amateur boxer Sedem Ama, the Christian values indoctrinated into her household through her Reverend father provided her with an inner peace that brought a sense of calm into what was a very lively neighbourhood.

An Account Director by day, for a leading London PR agency, Sedem has lived and continues to live, a rather hectic lifestyle working and then training twice a day. But through her religion and her love of boxing, a work/life balance has been found, as has a greater purpose that she wants to fulfil, through boxing. She is aiming to become the first ever British Ghanaian female boxing world champion.

Sedem crossed paths with boxing in what was a spur of the moment decision, made between a colleague and Sedem herself, with the aim being to start some Boxercise classes to relieve stress from the rigours and demands of the PR world. Barring a small break from the sport after her colleague left the country and with work picking up, Sedem has not looked back and is excited for the next stage – turning professional in 2021 as women’s boxing explodes in popularity and audience.

Out of the ring and away from work she keeps her self busier still as a proud Ambassador for youth charity Gloves Not Gunz and female support charity, Nations Ladies.

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