Walid Saleh

Para Sprinting

Walid Saleh is a British amputee athlete originally from Sudan, his ambition is to compete at the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics.

He was born 20th of January 1998 & grew up in a family of 8. In 2013 Walid’s life changed forever. After school one day on his way to playing football, he was randomly shot and had to have his leg amputated above the knee.

In 2015, Walid came to the UK as a refugee and received his first walking prosthetic. He taught himself English from scratch & progressed quickly through the education system, securing a place at the University of Salford studying prosthetics and due to graduate in July 2023.

Walid was inspired by Team GB Paralympic Gold medallist Richard Whitehead MBE having seen him win 200m Gold at the London Olympics on YouTube. He has recently worked with the Richard Whitehead Foundation on several projects and was selected by Richard for Nissan’s Possibilities Project which provided his first running prosthetic. He started training and building strength and isnow a classified para athlete in 100 metre sprinting.

Walid’s ultimate goal in life is to compete in the Paralympic Games and become a professional prosthetist, setting a positive example for his patients and to motivate others.

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