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Plastic pollution is destroying oceans and killing marine life. Without our oceans, there will be no life at all. All of us can play our part in becoming more sustainable. Hannah’s Big Plastic Pledge initiative looks to eradicate single-use plastics in sport through easy-to-deploy solutions for competitors, spectators, sports clubs and governing bodies. How could AMG help Hannah take the pledge to the next level and go beyond sport?


Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games AMG saw an opportunity to pair Team GB athlete Hannah with Team GB partner Go Daddy. Two powerful platforms for good – an athlete on a mission and a brand with a big platform to influence micro-businesses across the UK. 

GoDaddy would help take the Pledge to the next level by developing, redesigning and hosting new toolkits for Hannah’s network of Olympic ambassadors while also sharing sustainability tips for UK micro-businesses. Taking action is critical as global plastic production has surged to 8.3bn tonnes since the early 1950s, with single-use plastics making up 40% of the world’s total. 


A business toolkit was created which includes tips to cut plastic waste, as well as advice on working uniquely with sustainable brands. 

For Olympic ambassadors who have signed up to support Hannah with the Big Plastic Pledge, the toolkit includes additional materials such as an athletes’ charter, a social media guide and recommendations for how to work with sponsors sustainably. 

“These toolkits, built and launched in partnership with GoDaddy, make it manageable and achievable for businesses to cut down on plastics on an individual level, and have the potential to be incredibly powerful if used in numbers.”
Hannah Mills MBE



– The launch of the partnership generated huge interest: 27 pieces of coverage with a combine circulation of over 950m (5 national, 26 online, 1 print).

– GoDaddy has committed to taking the necessary steps to eradicate all single-use plastics (where reasonable adjustments can be made and within the context of COVID safety protocols) from its London offices by the end of the year

– GoDaddy is engaging with its suppliers to ensure they are implementing robust sustainability initiatives in line with GoDaddy’s expectations of working with partners across its entire supply chain

“Micro-businesses make up 96% of the companies in the UK, so they have the potential to come together and create substantial positive change for the planet. If just one micro-business is able to reduce the amount of plastic they use as a result, then it has been a worthwhile venture. Consumers have become more environmentally-conscious in the last few years and they increasingly value entrepreneurs who can embed sustainable practices at the heart of their businesses.”
Ben Law, Head of UK & Ireland, GoDaddy