Fight Plastic Pollution

pledge against plastic


Without our oceans, there would be no life. Not only do their currents help stabilise global and local climates, 70% of the earth’s surface also acts to cycle gases and provide nutrition for marine ecosystems. But plastic pollution is destroying oceans and killing marine life.


AMG paired two powerful platforms for good – an athlete on a mission and a brand with sustainability at its core – to battle plastic pollution together. 

The values of The Big Plastic Pledge and YuYu were completely aligned around sustainability, responsibility and partnership.

Hannah Mills MBE, sailor, Olympic Gold Medallist and IOC sustainability ambassador, had seen single-use plastic devastation first-hand in her time at Rio 2016 and set up The Big Plastic Pledge to harness her platform.

The YuYu Bottle itself is planet positive as all bottles are made from natural, biodegradable rubber; purchased from ethically sourced locations from Sri Lanka and 50 cent (Euro) of every kilogram of rubber used goes to support local tappers & their families.

The passion and creativity of the YuYu team coupled with Hannah’s mission made this a unique and powerful collaboration.


On World Oceans Day YuYu Bottle pledged its allegiance to the Big Plastic Pledge (BPP) by producing 300 exclusive BPP Bottles to sell on the new BPP website.   

The ground-breaking collaboration will see 25% of all the proceeds safeguarding the world’s oceans through direct action from BPP. 

“With one person changing their habits, individually signalling to brands and policymakers our voice, the ripple effect can be huge. If a whole sporting community change their habits and shouts loudly, then we are flying! We can create a tidal wave of change that will be felt on every corner of the globe.”
Hannah Mills MBE



300 bottles sold at £45 per bottle = £13,500 @25% = £3,375
2nd production to be delivered in Q4 2021 
Collaboration announcement social media views = 500,000+ & counting

“What better way to highlight World Oceans Day than by collaborating with the Big Plastic Pledge.  As a company that derives much of its product value from water, helping to warm and cool our bodies like the ocean, we understand the importance of protecting our waters. When Hannah shared with me what she was doing, I wanted to join in and help in any way that I could.  Like Hannah, I believe that small changes that we all individually make can lead to a big impact and at YuYu we wanted to be part of that movement.”  
Richard Yu, Founder and CEO of YuYu Bottle