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For over four decades, Kangen Water machines have been the best alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world. The company’s passion is to transform the tap water in our homes into pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. How could AMG help raise the profile of the machines and highlight the synergy between healthy drinking water and good health?  


AMG worked with Kangen Water to maximise the power of linking good health with a great athlete. 51 times international winner, Martin Perry, is not only a great athlete however. He is also a motivational speaker delivering presentations on overcoming adversity, building resilience and harnessing problem solving skills. A perfect match to help raise the profile of Kangen and inspire its employees.


As a Kangen Team UK ambassador Martin helps promote the brand in a variety of ways. The Kangen Team UK logo appears on his training shorts, shirts and other training clothing. Martin also creates bespoke content and shares regular social media posts talking about the benefits of Kangen alkaline water. He also supports the Kangen team on employee engagement and wellbeing, talking regularly with Kangen Team UK employees over zoom and now in face-to-face meetings to inspire their performance.

“I am proud and delighted to be partnering with Kangen Team UK at this critical time in my sporting journey. By representing them as an official brand ambassador I am excited to highlight the enormous health benefits of drinking alkaline water and will use my usual high energy and creativity to bring their brand values to life in new and different ways through content creation, social media activity and more.”
Martin Perry



“It is an absolute honour and a pleasure to sponsor Martin. There is a great synergy between healthy drinking water and good health, and what better a way to promote this than with someone as inspirational and successful as Martin.”
Jen Lowe, Brand Manager for Kangen Team UK