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Saskia is a Big Plastic Pledge ambassador, part of a global movement to eradicate single use plastic usage in elite sport. She’s also passionate about making small differences in her everyday life such as only buying or using products from brands that are genuinely trying to make a difference. As the sports agency powered by purpose, how could AMG help support Saskia in her sustainability mission?


AMG saw an opportunity to pair Saskia with a leading skincare brand with its own mission to be kind to the skin and kind to the planet. Childs Farm and Farmologie’s products are sustainably sourced from naturally derived ingredients from ethical suppliers while their packaging is also made with prevented ocean plastic. 


Saskia joined the Childs Farm and Farmologie team as their Sustainability Ambassador for 2021. This brilliant partnership helps Saskia in her mission to win an iQFoil Olympic Gold while living and promoting the most sustainable life she can.

“I am proud and excited to be partnering with Childs Farm and Farmologie. I absolutely love everything about you! Your values align with mine pretty perfectly. I’m a great believer in not having to give up on quality when making sustainable swaps, Farmologie and Childs Farm are perfect examples of this. I’m excited to partnered with brand leaders in sustainability.
Saskia Sills



“Being in the water a lot of highlights plastic pollution issues to me on a daily basis as well as this, it also means that I need to look after my skin properly. I have very sensitive skin and find that sun, salt water and sweat don’t go well with my skin. I used to be in pain after training with irritated and dry sensitive skin but since I have started to use Childs Farm and Farmologie products I no longer suffer with these problems. The products are quite literally life-changing for me and I couldn’t be happier that they are kind to skin as well as being kind to the planet too.”
Saskia Sills