Resilience & Transformation

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Since Avanti launched in 2002, the company’s vision has been to design, build and launch pioneering satellite technology that would provide coverage even in the most remote or demanding locations. Today they are a leading partner to the communications industry, connecting over 1.7bn people across 118 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As part of a broader mission to connect people, communities and continents to a world of opportunity, Avanti has engaged in a series of athlete sponsorships. However, Avanti wanted to engage in a deeper, longer-term partnership with a star athlete fully aligned to its core values.


AMG recognised that Avanti and Laviai had shared values of resilience and transformation. Originally a middle-distance runner, Laviai took the tough decision to change her specialism to 400m, transforming her career and leading to her medal-winning performances.


A long-term partnership was brokered by AMG working closely with Dave Scott, Laviai’s representative at sports agency Stellar Athletics.

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“The past year has been a challenge for everyone, but we’ve emerged stronger than ever before and that’s thanks to the hard work and positivity of every person in our business. We recognised those same qualities in Laviai and are really pleased to be working with her across such a broad range of activities this year. We are honoured that she will be sharing the forumla for her success with us.”
Avanti CEO, Kyle Whitehill



“This partnership is particularly important to me because it celebrates what I love about being an athlete – determination, making an impact and above all, resilience. This assistance will help me fund my coach to both coach me and travel with me to my competitions, allow me to be treated by one of the best physios in the world and generally help me become the athlete I want to be.”
Laviai Nielsen