Without our oceans, there would be no life. Not only do their currents help stabilise global and local climates, 70% of the earth’s surface also acts to cycle gases and provide nutrition for marine ecosystems. But plastic pollution is destroying oceans and killing marine life. Both individuals and businesses are starting to turn the tide – how could AMG create a partnership to raise awareness and make real change happen?


Hannah, who is an IOC sustainability ambassador, launched The Big Plastic Pledge movement after witnessing the extent of plastic pollution in the seas as she trained and competed. Ocean Outdoor launched its own Ocean for Oceans initiative in 2018 to help combat plastic pollution. Over the past three years, Ocean has supported a number of charities and high-profile causes including the Marine Conservation Society. Who better to partner with Hannah and get people to take the pledge on World Ocean’s Day?


On Tuesday, 8 June, an inspirational outdoor campaign featuring Hannah herself appeared on 38 large format screens in 10 cities including the Birmingham Media Eyes, the Manchester Printworks and across both Westfield shopping centres in London.

The campaign, which is supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), invited everyone to join Olympians in helping to eradicate the use of single-use plastic in sport and our lives by taking the Big Plastic Pledge.

“I am so excited to be partnering with Ocean Outdoor for World Oceans Day. The more we come together as different groups the more we can drive real change in sport and society. This DOOH campaign is helping to highlight the single use plastic problem and drive national awareness of the Big Plastic Pledge and I cannot thank the Ocean Outdoor team enough for their efforts in making this happen.”
Hannah Mills MBE



– 1 athlete ambassador, 1 cause
10 cities
30 DOOH sites
2m eyeballs