Issa Batrane

Beach Volleyball

Issa Batrane is a British Beach Volleyball athlete representing England and Great Britain on both the domestic and international circuit. He has had early success already claiming multiple senior British championships and has his eyes set on European and World titles as well as Commonwealth and Olympic success. Alongside Beach Volleyball Issa is passionate and determined to have an impact off the court as an advocate of Diversity and Sustainability.

Issa’s passion for sustainability and climate action is something that sits very closely with him and his core beliefs. Being so passionate about the environment stems from travelling to different beach locations around the world with his sport and seeing first hand what is being done to this planet and now he is using his sporting background, platform and various initiatives and business networks to make people more aware and impact change across all levels. One small change multiplied by millions of people can change the world!

Issa also does not shy away from the fact that he is surrounded in a sport with athletes that mostly don’t look like him and have come from very different backgrounds to himself. This is why he is committed to impacting a better and more equal world for those individuals who are considered to be different and hopes to use his sporting platform as a catalyst for change. Having had first hand experience in his differences having an impact on his life and what he can do, he looks to inspire and empower the next generation to be greater than the last but also help educate those from before to understand how inclusion is the key to growth.

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